• Original Price: $76.49
  • Discounted Price: $57.37

You can save 25% on the Powerwolf PowerCLUB Base plan through this Powerwolf PowerCLUB Promo.

How to get Powerwolf PowerCLUB Promo

Click on the CLICK TO REDEEM button, you will see the Powerwolf PowerCLUB discounted page in a new tab. You will get a 25% discount at checkout with the Powerwolf PowerCLUB Base plan.

Powerwolf PowerCLUB Plan features

  • Custom fields.
  • Barcode reader integration.
  • Free software updates.
  • Easy installation and configuration.
  • Automatic backup.
  • Automatic Email sending.
  • Unlimited Database entries.
  • Import Cards and member data from the file.
  • Advanced search features and report generation.

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